Online Account: How do I announce a horse for an event?

You have the option to announce horses for the mare performance test and foal registration dates via the online account.

Our example: Foal registration dates

You must have submitted the foaling registration to be able to announce your foal. If you have registered the foaling online, the foal can immeadiatley be announced. If you have reported the birth using the analogue form, processing may take some time and your foal will not be visible in the account immediately. Please note the life number (DE...), as you will need it in step 4 of the registration process.

Step 1: On the start page of the online account you will find the section "My activities". Click on the button "Enter entry now" under "Current events".

Step 2: Select the event to which you would like to register your foal. Click on the button "to the events" in the desired event type, in this case foal registration.

Step 3: A list with all registration dates for foals with place and date opens. Select the desired date and click on the small arrow and the button "enter entry" will pop up. Select the desired category for your foal.

Step 4: Fill in all fields marked with an * and tick the box indicating that you agree to the conditions of admission. Then click on "Next".

Step 5: At last check your details. By clicking on the button "Send" the registration for your foal for the event is obligatory. If you are unable to present your foal on this particular date, it is possible to register and present your foal on an alternative date at any time.

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